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The humble beginnings of The Very Nice Production Company, or the VNPC as we call it, can be traced back to a very life defining moment back in early 2008. I have always loved the stage, drama and music, and was already a cast member in a local group. However, as in many musical societies, the opportunities to shine are limited to the number of parts available and very often that can be just a select few parts for a select few people.

I believe that everyone has a talent and that everyone should have a chance to fulfil their dreams, no matter what their strengths and weaknesses.

I wanted to create the ideal musical society, where everyone has a part to play and knows they are an important piece of the whole process.

I always feel that every single member, whether acting onstage or behind the scenes, front of house or even selling, is a vital piece of the jigsaw. When we all come together to perform a show, we can and do create an amazing picture that includes every single piece. Take a piece away, however small and it's not the same picture. Something will always be missing.

We cannot stay together as a whole permanently, and just as we will dismantle a completed jigsaw to put away for another day, so we also have to dismantle each and every show after we have performed it. The most important thing in this process is knowing the importance of every piece, nurturing it carefully finding the new place for it in a new show. This is our ethos and we are very proud of it.

I am sure there will be many more wonderful opportunities in the future. Take a look at our Upcoming Events page for regular updates. After starting out with a modest group of 16 people, we are now an amazing company of 34, with ages ranging from just 3 years to 75 years old.

I never cease to be stunned by the personal growth and talent that seems to emerge from these fascinating people. Their energy, enthusiasm and commitment is quite breathtaking at times and the whole group has become my greatest delight.

It is our intention to to do as much as we can to help the local community, whilst bringing you the very best that we can, in song, dance, drama, and comedy for many years to come.

We could not to do these great works without your continued support and enthusiasm for what we do.

Quite simply, we offer you our deepest thanks and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts.

Tracy Knowles
Producer and Founder - The Very Nice Production Company

Home Performances Charities helped Enquires

It was incredible, how after that brief call, things just began to snowball and with the help of some very dear friends who were willing to take a chance and give it their all, we have come to be where we are today.

Our primary aim is to entertain, have fun and in doing so, help to raise money for local charities and community events. Over the past three years The Very Nice Production Company has raised over £13,000 for Hope House in Oswestry. We have been able to assist in raising money to purchase a Water Bowser for the Kibera Slum in Nairobi and have helped raise money for by performing at a Cancer Research Charity Evening. We have performed in a number of local events, including the Snowman Run, Moreton Park Garden Centre and in local nursing and retirements homes. We performed at the West Felton WI, in celebration of their 90th Birthday and St Oswald's Church in Oswestry to raise money to repair the roof.

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